Emergency Management

Emergency Management was first formally introduced to the Nooksack Tribe by way of Council adoption of the 2007 Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP).  Within this document, the structure of NIT Emergency Management was laid out.


The original CEMP was produced using grant funding made available to Tribes to better prepare for disaster and emergencies as stipulated in Presidential Policy Directive 5 (PPD#5).  PPD 5 specifically tied adoption of the National Incident Management System (NIMS) by Tribes to future Federal funding.  NIMS was a part of the original CEMP adopted in 2007 and NIMS was re-affirmed by Council resolution in July 2011.


Emergency Management (EM) has overseen three declared emergencies for the Tribe and successfully applied for and received disaster assistance funding from FEMA following two federally declared disasters. EM worked closely with the NIT Medical Clinic, NIT Health Officer and the Whatcom County Health Department coordinating, obtaining, tracking and distributing anti-viral medication, supplies and educational materials to the clinic and community during the H1N1 Pandemic.   NIT EM coordinated with the American Red Cross and NIT Council to achieve a signed Shelter Agreement for the Nooksack Community Center that will provide for the Nooksack community in times of disaster. Through the NIT EM relationship with Fire Districts 1 and 16, two Tribal Members were accepted into the Emergency Medical Technicians course at Fire District 1.


One of the students is the Emergency Management Coordinator whose new found skills and abilities will help in the establishment of an NIT Medical Reserve Corp, disaster first aid and the emergency management department’s   long term goal of staffing the first NIT volunteer Fire Department.


For more information about Emergency Management, call 360-746-5560

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