Enrollment Department


Click on and print the Representation Form and mail completed forms to Nooksack Indian Tribe, Attn: Nooksack Tribal Council, P.O. Box 63, Deming, WA 98244.


The main function of the Enrollment Department is to:

– Provide information regarding the enrollment process and criteria for enrollment.
– Process enrollment applications.
– Keep records and statistics for all members of the Tribe.
– Assist in minimal research.


Members have access through this department to some old family trees and probate information, information regarding Tribal land status reports, and Tribal identifications.

Tribal members who need to update their mailing address can do so by filling out an Address Change form. To obtain one you can either click on the Address Update Form or you can email the and request one by email or call 360-592-0135 ext. 3409 or ext. 3431 to have one mailed to you. You can also pick one up from the office. The Tribal Enrollment Department provides proof of residency of our members to other tribal departments for eligibility for services provided.  Therefore we need to require that proof address be provided for address updates.  Proof of Address includes but is not limited to: Utility Bill, gas, water, landline phone, rent or lease agreement, Housing statement if in Nooksack Housing, unexpired driver’s license or state ID, a statement from family member you are staying with if temporary, etc. The tribal ordinance requires that address changes in the enrollment data be made upon receipt of a written statement. If the address change is being made for minor children, the parent or legal guardian making the change must show documentation that they are the individuals with legal authority over the minor child. (if you are the biological child’s parent and your name is on the birth record for the minor, you may need to provide a picture ID)

Tribal members who request a Certificate of Tribal Enrollment or a Certificate of Indian Blood can do so by filling out a release of Info Form.  To obtain one you can either click on the Request for Information form or you can email the and request one by email or call 360-592-0135 ext. 3409 or ext. 3431 to have one mailed to you.  You can also pick one up from the office.

Please keep in mind that this office doesn’t do formal research. The burden of proof is on the applicant, which means the applicant must provide the Enrollment Department sufficient information to prove Nooksack lineage for enrollment. We will assist with some research, but if it is not found in our Tribal records, we will not look into it any further.

The Enrollment department maintains and updates tribal membership records, in accordance to Title 63 Tribal Membership Ordinance of the Nooksack Indian Tribe enacted by Resolution #05-05 on January 25, 2004(5).  You can request a copy of the Membership Ordinance by contacting the enrollment office (or the Tribal Council Office.)

We are located at 5061 Deming Road, Deming, WA 98244. Our mailing address is P.O. Box 164, Deming, WA 98244. We can be reached at (360) 592-5176, or by fax at 360-306-5099.

Nooksack General Election Ballot Party
Tuesday, November 28th
6:00 to 8:00 pm
at the Nooksack Community Building
2505 Sulwhanon Dr., Everson, WA

A community dinner will be provided.
Door prizes drawn from all adults who attend.
All are welcome.

If you have not already mailed your ballot, please bring it with you.

The Deming Post Master will be in attendance of the ballot party and you can give it directly to him for mailing.

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Job Openings as of November 22nd ...

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The Election Office will be closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving. The Election Office will reopen for regular business hours (2pm - 10pm) on Saturday, November 25th.

A reminder about the Candidate Forum on November 25th at 2pm at the Community Building.

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An update from our Youth Department. ...

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Prayer services for Raynette Kelly are on Tuesday at 6pm at the Nooksack Community Building.

Funeral Services are on Wednesday at 10am at the Nooksack Community Building

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