Youth Department

Phone Number: (360) 966-9696

Location: 5604 Mission Road

Form: Youth Department Application 2016-2017


The Tribe’s Youth Department serves youth who are Nooksack or Nooksack affiliated and age five through high school. We serve up to the age of 21, as long as the student is still in high school.


Any student must be registered with our Youth Department in order to participate in our After School Program. You can download and complete the Youth Department Application 2016-2017 and return it to our Timber Ridge facility, at 5604 Mission Road, or our Tribe’s Administration Building, 5061 Deming Road.


The Youth Department offers the After School Program, a Summer Program, and regular field trips along with various services in support of our kids and teens.


Through the After School Program, students participate in homework completion; helpful Behavioral Health group sessions; a teen drop in center; fitness and recreation; science activities and more!


We also take students on monthly field trips when one or both of our local school districts has no school. Through the field trips, we visit Whatcom County establishments for education, recreation and fun, including trips to Bellingham’s Sportsplex and the Trampoline Zone.


The Summer Program is packed with great events that none of our students will want to miss, including funded trips to places like Wild Waves, the Woodland Park Zoo, the Birch Bay Waterslides and to a Mariner’s Games.


The Youth Department also chaperones teens to local and national Native American Youth conferences to support positive development and cultural sustainability.


The leadership team of the Youth Department consists of:

Roxanne Murphy, Director,

Julie Missing, Program Manager,

Dean Ollinger, Program Coordinator,


For more information, contact the Youth Department at (360) 966-9696.

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