Nooksack Indian Tribe Receives CARES Act Funds


Nooksack Indian Tribe Receives CARES Act Funds

May 21, 2020. The Nooksack Tribe received $8 million in overall Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funds. The CARES Act funding provides a critical infusion of supplemental funding as we respond to and mitigate the COVID19 pandemic. The Tribe has used many of its own resources to provide relief to the tribal membership and tribal community while waiting for the CARES Act funding from the federal government and its agencies.

The Nooksack Tribe intends to fund activities that directly respond to the COVID19 pandemic. The activities include relief for 1,904 tribal members and their families in the form of many additional services and resources. The following are actions taken, and programs considered as a part of our response:

•             Distribution to enrolled tribal members: $250 for adults, $300 for adults and children, and $1,000 for adults and children

•             Elders home delivery meals and care packages

•             Additional food bank distributions

•             Additional food vouchers

•             Smoked salmon & shrimp for tribal distribution

•             Walk in cooler and freezer for food bank

•             COVID19 isolation kits

•             Nooksack COVID19 tracking database

•             Telemedicine for virtual health care

•             Zoom video drug and alcohol meetings and services

•             Sanitation supplies

•             Face masks and mailing costs

•             Telecommuting supplies and equipment

•             Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

•             Sanitization and deep cleaning of facilities

•             Community dumpsters

•             Temporary hospital beds

•             Broadband expansion services

•             Virtual youth program

•             Certified teacher for homeschooling

•             Homelessness response services

•             Plexiglas for Northwood Casino

•             Plexiglas for fireworks stands

•             Hazard pay for frontline workers

•             Health and safety modifications to tribal offices

The CARES Act funding and tribal resources will provide essential services to help prepare and respond to the pandemic, ensure continuation of tribal services and operations, and provide aid to individual tribal members. This funding forms the foundational resources needed to support assistance to individuals facing loss of income, ensure law enforcement officers and health care providers have the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE), and implement required deep cleaning of facilities to prevent the spread of COVID. This funding has also provided a means to provide for health, safety, educational and nutrition assistance programs that are crucial to Nooksack during this time.