Nooksack Tribe Remains Closed Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic


The Nooksack Tribe will remain closed until it is determined safe to return to regular operations.

This means the Nooksack Tribal Offices will be locked and closed with the exception of the Nooksack Tribal Health Clinic, Tribal Law Enforcement, and Tribal Gaming Agency. Elders’ Lunches will continue to be delivered by the Social Services Department (this program is limited; for more information contact Heidi Davis).

During this emergency closure, if you need emergency health care please do not hesitate to call 911! The tribal clinic will remain open for urgent care only Mon-Friday 10 am-3 pm. Please call ahead of time to discuss your healthcare needs 360-966-2106. You may also contact the clinic to seek care from the Nooksack Behavioral Health, Chemical Dependency, and Dental Emergency. For methadone transportation services please contact Rick George.

Nooksack Tribal Court Hearings will be rescheduled. Any emergency court matters will be addressed by the Tribal Chief Judge and the Tribal Legal Counsel.

If you are in need for Victims of Crime Services (domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse) please call 911 if your needs are urgent and are an emergency. If you need advocate services, please contact Katrice Rodriguez, Family Services Director.

In order to ensure the Nooksack Indian Tribe is able to continue to provide limited services to the tribal members and community, the following employees will be working remotely as needed. Their contact information is as follows: (see full document below).

We understand that additional employee circumstances may come up, and we will address those on a case by case basis. Please contact Katherine Romero, General Manager in those circumstances.

It is important that all employees, tribal members and community members understand the seriousness of this global pandemic we are fighting. Social distancing and self-isolation are the only way to save lives! More people are going to get sick and possibly die if people don’t distance themselves from others and STAY HOME! This is not a vacation or a holiday. You are encouraged to wash your hands, sanitize your home, and stay home!

Be safe & be well,

Katherine Romero, MPA

General Manager