Public Notice: First Presumptive Positive Cases


PUBLIC NOTICE December 8, 2020

As of today, December 8, 2020, the Nooksack Indian Tribe has three (3) presumptive positive novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases based on a link to a known case outside the community, symptoms, and rapid antigen testing. Final PCR test results are pending and expected back tomorrow which will confirm the diagnosis. These three cases are Tribal members, two of which are Tribal employees. As a result, the office spaces have been deep cleaned and disinfected, along with regular high-touch sanitization. At this point, the presumptive positive cases are in isolation. All close contacts from these pending cases have been identified, notified, and are in quarantine. If you were not contacted by Nooksack Clinic staff as a primary contact then you do not need to worry about significant potential exposure.

Direct exposure is considered being within 6 feet of a positive person for more than 15 minutes without wearing a mask.

We understand that news of potential cases within our community could create uncertainty. Please know that our task force is working intensively to limit exposure, help those who need help, and perform the work necessary to keep the government operational and the entire community safe.

Please stay diligent and stay safe. Wear your mask and practice distancing. If you have a cough, fever (100.4 or greater), or lose your sense of smell or taste, contact the Nooksack Clinic or your private provider right away to see if you need testing.