Situation Report Week of April 14 – April 20


Like much of Whatcom County, the Nooksack Indian Tribe is currently responding to the outbreak of a respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus in Washington State. The Nooksack Tribe has been preparing for this response and has developed a Nooksack Pandemic Response Team to keep abreast of the current COVID-19 pandemic and its impacts on the Nooksack Indian Tribal Community.

Nooksack Pandemic Response Team Main Objectives:

  1. Prevent the spread of disease in our community
  2. Protect the safety of and provide the health and wellness of all community members and staff
  3. Provide timely, complete and accurate guidance to Tribal community members on the incident, response, disease, prevention, and when to seek medical care
  4. Continuing to provide essential community support services

Nooksack Tribe’s Notable COVID-19 Response Accomplishments Week April 14-April 20

  • Efforts from all Tribal members and government staff to stay home pays off. Data from Whatcom County shows we may have reached the first peak in the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • All nurses and providers at the Nooksack Clinic are tested for COVID-19. There are no positive results to date.
  • Nooksack Health Clinic hosts a routine vaccine immunization clinic to keep ahead of outbreaks of preventable diseases during COVID-19.
  • Nooksack staff quickly organize to mail the second distribution checks to Nooksack members.
  • Staff continue meetings with Unified Command, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB), and FIMA for Nooksack COVID-19 resources and relief.
  • General Manager signs the Governor’s Office of Indian Affairs letter regarding funding appropriation and distribution to Washington State Tribes.
  • Lona Johnson participates in Children of the Setting Sun Productions podcast discussing: One from the Heart – The Love of Gathering, relating to our response to COVID-19.
  • Nooksack Pandemic Response Team continues to meet via teleconference multiple times, including working with Grants in application for available emergency response funding.
  • Department Directors meet remotely to coordinate essential services to the community.
  • Conversations began about how to safely reopen the Tribal government to community services when the time comes.
  • Nooksack Social Services provided additional food vouchers for families during this time of need.

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