Situation Report Week of July 7 — July 13


Nooksack Tribe’s Notable COVID-19 Response Accomplishments July 7 – July 13

  • Nooksack leadership works to draft and review the new Pandemic Policy for staff with guidance from Health Officer, Dr. Frank James. The policy defines testing, self-quarantine measures, travel, exposure, etc. in order to keep Nooksack staff safe and mitigate exposure to the community.
  • About 120 applicants have applied for the Student Chromebook Program to assist with device access for learning, health, and wellbeing. Applications are currently being processed.
  • The NPRT is staying abreast on the latest science surfacing regarding the 48-hour transmission period for pre-symptomatic COVID patients to others. Further changes to protocols may be necessary.
  • The Clinic staff continuing to stay sharp on training systems for accessing portal data, quick response to potential COVID-19 cases within the Tribe, and internal contact tracing in the event of an outbreak. 
  • The Clinic is exploring a text option for isolated patients to safely and easily stay in contact with nurses.

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