Situation Report Week of June 9 — June 15


Nooksack Tribe’s Notable COVID-19 Response Accomplishments June 9 – June 15

  • The Tribe works to assess broadband service on all Tribal lands with the American Indian Health Commission of Washington and the Washington State Department of Commerce through an online survey. WiFi provides crucial connectivity needs such as education, telehealth appointments, and other pandemic, health, and emergency notifications.
  • Leadership begins distribution of WiFi hubs in Nooksack’s Five Cedars houses with poor or no internet service.
  • In response to need, the Tribe works on approval and acquisition of electronic devices for Nooksack youth during the pandemic to access summer education resources, youth programing, and other necessary services.
  • The Administration Department is working on how to support students when it is time to return to school, and working on projects to help with social-emotional welfare of our youth.
  • The Administration Department continues to execute important daily tasks during COVID-19, such as the initiating steps for implementing the 2020 strategic plan by distributing plans to Directors and outlining champions for Initiative 1.
  • Nooksack Health Clinic explores options for new electronic health records software system to provide a more robust patient database for wrap-around care including: accurate client information; maximization of billing options; prescription and appointment reminders; etc.
  • The Nooksack Health Department hosts healthy and safe activities such as the Nooksack Fitness Virtual 5K with 243 participants, and the popular free garden kit program. The Clinic also continues to offer free shower access to those in need in the community building.
  • Homelessness Task Force is in the initial development stages of creating a database with Nooksack I.T. to help with tracking information for those experiencing homelessness, especially during COVID-19.
  • Social Services delivers over 185 lunches to eligible recipients

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