Situation Report Week of May 12 – 18


Nooksack Tribe’s Notable COVID-19 Response Accomplishments May 12 – May 18

  • Nooksack Pandemic Response Team continues to regularly meet and work on COVID mitigation. This week’s topics include a safe-start for Nooksack staff and safety protocols for operating fireworks stands during the time of COVID-19.
  • The Nooksack Tribal government begins implementing its plan to bring back staff from all departments to provide essential community support services. Plans for at-risk staff are taken into consideration. Safe re-opening includes monitoring, increased testing, and contact tracing.
  • Plans to test all staff returning to work for COVID-19 begins for the safe-start back to work plan. All work-place protocols are implemented by department with sanitization and staggered shifts.
  • Based on Nooksack data, staff identify elders and those at risk of COVID to develop additional health and education materials for distribution.
  • The new Virtual Youth Program hosts a sign-up event with prizes to engage youth during the shelter in place order. The program is sponsored and funded by the Nooksack Tribal Council, Nooksack Health Clinic Behavioral Health, and SAMSHA and the Nooksack Tribal TANF.
  • Child Development/Head Start Staff have started weekly activity packets being delivered to the child’s home this week.
  • Staff make plans to celebrate 2020 high school and college graduates in special ways during the time of COVID with banners, photos, and more.
  • Social Services continues to distribute hot lunches to elders and those who qualify, to distribute Food Vouches to those in need, and to coordinate with STOWW for commodity distribution.
  • Homelessness task-force group has met several times and has future meetings scheduled to help those in need.

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