Situation Report Week of Nov. 17 – Nov. 23


Nooksack Tribe’s Notable COVID-19 Response Accomplishments Nov. 17 – Nov. 23

  • Cases in Whatcom County continue to grow as the holiday season approaches. Families are encouraged to gather with just their household. This fall is anticipated to be the darkest hour of the COVID-19 pandemic, prior to the release of vaccines. Nooksack Tribal members are asked to remain diligent, wear masks, and practice distancing.
  • The Nooksack Pandemic Response Team (NPRT) and the Tribal Council work to review vaccine prioritization within the Tribe, once vaccines become available for distribution.
  • The NPRT works to initiate the staff testing plan after the holidays. All employees will be tested prior to return to work after both Thanksgiving and Christmas. A new form of batch testing will be utilized, which is the same quality of testing and much more cost effective for the Tribe.
  • The NPRT and the Nooksack Health Clinic continue to search for a medical freezer and equipment to store anticipated COVID-19 vaccine at ultra-low temperatures. Several manufacturers are backordered due to the demand for such equipment.
  • Applications are reviewed for new staff positions to assist Nooksack with the COVID-19 vaccine trial, in partnership with Lummi and University of Washington.
  • The Tribal Council plans a Q&A Session on the COVID-19 Vaccine Trial for Tuesday, December 1st.

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