Situation Report Week of Dec. 29 – Jan. 4


Nooksack Tribe’s Notable COVID-19 Response Accomplishments Dec. 29 – Jan. 4

  • Positive COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Nooksack Tribal members with 30 total cases, 11 active, 18 recovered, and 1 unrecovered. Tribal members are encouraged to stay home and stay safe, following the Tribal Council’s Shelter in Place Order until further notice. The Nooksack Clinic staff, Council, and Nooksack Pandemic Response Team (NPRT) are doing everything they can to mitigate the spread and save lives.  
  • COVID-19 Moderna vaccines are administered to Nooksack healthcare staff and first responders (Nooksack police) as part of the vaccine allocation plan approved by the Tribal Council and NPRT. Next will be elders 60 years or older living in congregate or overcrowded settings and/or people with comorbid and underlying conditions.
  • This week the Nooksack Clinic, HR, and Administrative staff work to test all government employees, prior to return to in-person work after the holidays. Employees must have a negative test result in order to return to work.
  • Nooksack has hired staff to assist with the COVID-19 vaccine trial, including a community outreach position and driver.
  • Information about participating in the vaccine trial with the University of Washington and Lummi Nation will be coming soon.
  • The Tribal Council and NPRT will be updating the Pandemic Policy regarding use of the community building, in light of the outbreak in COVID-19 cases within the Tribe.

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