Situation Report Week of Feb. 2 – Feb. 8


Nooksack Tribe’s Notable COVID-19 Response Accomplishments Feb. 2 – Feb. 8

  • New COVID-19 strain varieties are in 33 states now, and may replace the current strain here come March 2021. Vaccines are expected to still have efficacy against new strains.
  • The Nooksack Tribe is now in Phase 4 of our Vaccine Allocation Plan. Clinic staff have administered vaccines to as many patients as possible and continue to schedule appointments for all phases. Any Nooksack Tribal member is welcome to schedule an appointment by calling Georgiann Perez at the Clinic at 360-966-2106. Online appointment requests can also be made here. Phase 4 includes: Everyone in the Nooksack Tribe not previously immunized; Members of other federally recognized Tribes not Nooksack; and Those with close social and economic ties to Nooksack Tribal members that impact their health and wellbeing. Keep your vaccine cards safe.
  • The Tribal Council approves the Elder Chromebook Assistance Program. The purpose of this program is to provide elders with tools to access the outside world while remaining at home. Applications are accepted until July 30, 2021, and found on the Tribe’s website.
  • With many schools meeting in-person, parents are encouraged to bring their children of any age in for testing at the Nooksack Clinic, M-F 1:30-3 pm. Please call ahead.
  • The Nooksack Tribe discusses acquiring Pfizer vaccines to vaccinate youth ages 16-17. The Moderna vaccine, which the Tribe receives, allows administration for youth 18+.
  • Double masking is sensible, not essential, says Nooksack Health Officer Frank James, with new strains and increased infection spread. Paper masks can be used layered with a cloth mask on top. Disposable medical masks with a snug fit are recommended. Cloth masks should already be at least 2 layers of fabric.
  • The Tribe plans to host an Appreciation Drive-By Parade for the Nooksack Clinic staff for an outstanding rollout of vaccine clinics, testing, contact tracing, and response to COVID.
  • The Nooksack Health Clinic is short-staffed and looking to hire a temporary nurse position. To learn more and apply, visit the Tribe’s Human Resources webpage.

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