Boards & Committees

Board of Directors

NBC II Board of Directors (formed 2007, Amend. Reso #12-43)

  • Veronica Washington, GM
  • Robert Solomon, Secretary
  • Jeff Levin, CFO
  • Mike Kentner, GM Northwood Casino
  • Carmen Cooper
  • Amanda Williams

NBC III Board of Directors (Reso #15-30)

  • Veronica Washington, GM
  • Robert Solomon, MCI GM
  • Abby Yates
  • Ed Doherty

1 Vacant Position

MCI Board of Directors (Reso #15-30)

  • Veronica Washington, GM
  • Robert Solomon, MCI GM
  • Mike Kentner, GM Northwood Casino
  • Abby Yates
  • Francisco Sanchez

401K Plan Committee

(Reso #11-93) (Reso #12-19)

Voting Members

  • Veronica Washington, GM
  • Bob Solomon (Enterprise Manager)
  • Amy Taylor, HR Director
  • Suzanne Brownrigg, HR Manager Northwood Casino
  • Charlott Melland, Director Appointed by Committee

Non Voting Members

  •  Chuck Hurt
  •  Scott Canneday, CFO Northwood

1 Vacancy- Council Member

The 401K Plan Committee shall consist five (5) members: The Government Services Executive as Chairman, a Council Member, the Chief Financial Officer, the Human Resources Director, and a Director as a fifth member will be appointed by the other four members.

Approval of two (2) members to be added; member six (6) to be a Management Level Employee of an entity of the NBC and member seven (7) be a Management Level Employee of an entity of the NBC II. The two (2) additional members will be chosen by the first five (5) members.

Cemetery Committee

  • Kevin Roberts
  • Richard Julian
  • Roy Bailey
  • Clayton Roberts
  • George Swanaset Jr.
  • Tammy Cooper-Woodrich
  • Cherri Roberts
  • Lawrence Bailey
  •  Mike Davis Jr.
  •  Rhonda Roberts
  •  Kerry Roberts
  •  Molissa Leyva
  •  Veronica Washington

Child Development Advisory Committee

(Reso #19-22)

  • Child Development Director-Amy Brandland
  • Social Services Director-Heidi Davis
  • Family Services/ICW Director-Katrice Rodriguez
  • Education Director-Donia Edwards
  • Health Clinic Director-Lona Johnson
  • Legal Department, or their designees

Child Protection Team (CPT)

(Reso #16-62)

  • Various ICW employees and State Agencies

Cultural Committee

(Reso #99-40, amended by (Reso #19-154)

  • Sandra Joseph, Chairwoman, Elder Member
  • George Swanaset Sr., Elder Member
  • Tammy Cooper-Woodrich, Tribal Member
  • Lawrence Bailey, Tribal Member
  • Clayton Roberts, Tribal Member
  • George Swanaset Jr., Community Member

1 Vacancy- Community member

Eight (8) member Committee, four (4) tribal members who have knowledge of past and present cultural and traditional ways of the Nooksack Tribal people while recognizing the cultural diversity within the tribe. Two (2) Tribal Elders, two (2) Community Members at large.

Education Advisory Committee

(Reso #13-26) (Reso #19-107) (Reso #21-241)

  • Carmen Cooper, Elder Member
  • Ravenia Williams
  • Jamie Johnson
  • Sativa Robertson
  • Ryawn Cline
  • Keith Lindsey
  • Julie Missing

0 Vacancies

The Council shall appoint eight (8) members to the Committee. The Committee members shall be tribal members who have an academic degree in relevant education, at least two (2) tribal elders, and a community at large representative.

Elders Committee

(Reso #11-24)

  • Bernie Roberts
  • Gary Mac Williams
  • Maureen Marshall
  • Merle Leathers
  • Sandra Joseph
  • Wilma (Skip) Johnston

Enrollment Advisory Committee

(Reso #20-29) (Reso#20-78)

  • Donia Edwards, Tribal Member Elder
  • Julie Jefferson, Tribal Member Elder
  • Molissa Leyva, Tribal Member Elder
  • Sandra Joseph, Tribal Member Elder                
  • Joshua Olson, Tribal Member

0 Vacancies

The Council shall appoint five (5) members to the Committee, consisting of no fewer than four (4) Tribal Member Elders and one (1) adult Tribal Member that Council believes can best accomplish the purpose for which the Committee was established.

Fireworks Committee

(Reso #11-24)


  • Shownein Torik, Chairwoman
  • Tammy Cooper-Woodrich, Vice Chairwoman
  • Angela Letoi
  • Richard Julian
  • Heather Cueva

Gaming Commission

(Reso #20-48) (Reso #20-112) (Reso #20-113)

  • Jesse Paez, Chairman
  • Mike Davis Jr.
  • Stephanie Cultee

0 Vacancies

Head Start Policy Council

(Reso #08-114- Need to be updated yearly per Head Start Regulations

  • Elizabeth Zender, Chairwoman
  • RoseMary LaClair, Vice Chairwoman
  • Ashley Filbert, Treasurer/Secretary
  • Jennifer Johnny
  • Sativa Robertson

0 Vacancies

(Needs to be updated yearly per Head Start Regulations)

Homelessness Task Force

(Reso #19-150) (Reso #19-155)

  • Veronica Washington, GM
  • Malori Klushkan, Housing Director
  • Heidi Davis, Social Services Director
  • Ken Levinson, ICW Attorney
  • Dan Bennett, Tribal Police
  • Dr. Kahn, Behavioral Health
  • Kate Clark, Grants
  •  Tiffani Zamudio, Program Manager
  • Mike Davis Jr., Tribal Member (Whatcom County)
  • Tammy Cooper-Woodrich, Tribal Member (Whatcom County)                
  • Sandra Joseph, Tribal Elder (Whatcom County)

Five (5) Vacancies. Positions that need to be filled: (1) Tribal Staff with ties to Housing, (1) Council Person, (1) Youth Representative (18 to 24), (1) Genesis Rep or Chemical Dependency Rep, (1) Medical Professional

The Task Force shall be composed of representatives from the following stakeholder groups: Housing Director; General Manager; Tribal Council Member (1); Tribal Staff Member (1); Social Services Director; Youth & Family Services Director; Medical Professional (1); Chemical Dependency Professional (1); Behavioral Health Professional (1); Citizen-at-large, appointed by the Tribal Council. This citizen must live in Whatcom County (2); Tribal Elder, appointed by the Tribal Council. This citizen must live in Whatcom County (1)

Hunting Committee

  • Mike Kentner, Chairman
  • Jack Cline, Vice Chairman
  • Tricia Cline, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Ryawn Cline
  • Victoria Joe
  • George Swanaset Jr.
  • Trevor Delgado
  • Jesse Paez
  • Jeremy Roberts

0 Vacancies

Land Use Planning Committee

(Reso# 20-170)

  • Ross Cline Jr., Chairman
  • George Swanaset Jr., Vice Chairman
  • General Manager
  • Lona Johnson, Health Department Director
  • Bob Solomon, GM of the Market Center
  • Malori Klushkan, Housing Director
  • Economic Development & Planning Director
  • Richard Edwards, Facilities & Maintenance Director or Mike Davis, F & M Manager
  • Trevor Delgado

The Committee shall be represented by the following member:

-General Manager of Nooksack Indian Tribe

-Health Department Director;

-General Manager of the Market Center;

-Housing Director;

-Economic Development & Planning Director;

-Economic Development & Planning Department Representative (Land Realty Employee);

-Natural and Cultural Resources Director;

-Office of Tribal Attorney Director; and

-Or the designee of any of the above

Medical Task Force (formerly Elders Task Force)

  • Lona Johnson, Health Director
  • Marlene Bishop, Clinic
  • Lona Johnson, Health Director
  • Marlene Bishop, Clinic
  • Sara Sheaffer, Clinic
  • Ursula-Grayce Hein, Clinic
  • JaneAnn Lahmann, Clinic
  • Silva Sarafian, DSHS
  • Nicolette Gillingham, DSHS
  • Maria Orloff, DSHS
  • Brenda Perkins, DSHS
  • Becky Bendixen, DSHS
  • Melody Woodrich-Fernando, DSHS
  • Sarah Morgan, DSHS
  • Heidi Davis, Social Services Director
  • Malori Klushkan, Housing Director
  • Daniel Bennett, Tribal Police Sergeant
  • Sherie Johnny, Assistant Director of Social Services
  • Kayleasha Davis, Elders Advocate   

Nooksack Housing Advisory Committee

(Reso #14-082) (Reso #15-97) Reso # 21-040

  • Mary Delgado, Chairwoman
  • Sandra Joseph
  • Frank Leyva
  • Stewart “Dan” Roberts
  • Ravenia Williams

0 Vacancies

The Council shall appoint 5 members to the Committee. The Committee members shall be Nooksack Tribal Members that the Council believes can best accomplish the purpose for which the Committee was established.

Nooksack Housing Corporation Board of Directors

(Reso #21-214)

  • Malori Klushkan, Housing Director, Chairwoman
  • Four (4) Vacancies: one (1) Secretary, one (1) Treasurer, two (2) Additional Directors.

The Board of Directors shall consist of five (5) members appointed by the Nooksack Tribal Council and serving at its pleasure. The Nooksack Tribal Council shall appoint a Chairperson, a Secretary, a Treasurer and two (2) additional Directors. The Board may select a Director to serve as Vice Chairperson. All Directors shall be voting members of the Board of Directors.

Nooksack Pandemic Response Team (NPRT) (Reso #20-30a)

  • Veronica Washington, General Manager
  • Operations Department Administrator
  • Services Department Administrator
  • NIT Council Members
  • Lona Johnson, Health Director
  • Dr. Frank James, Public Health Officer
  • Andrea Garcia, Medical Clinic Manager
  • Mike Kentner, Northwood GM
  • Amy Taylor, HR Director
  • Legal
  • Kimberly Cauvel, Editor (Social Media/PR- Abby Yates)
  • Heidi Davis, Social Services Director

The Pandemic Response Team was sanctioned by the GM office. The GM and Operations & Services Administrators (Formerly Chief of Staff) coordinate all meetings and keep all correspondence.

Suicide Prevention Task Force

  • Health Director, Chairperson-Lona Johnson
  • Medical Social Worker – Community Training and Quarterly Coordination of Meetings
  • BH-Aamer A Khan- Consultation on Suicide Prevention Program
  • Police Chief- Francisco Sanchez
  • Medical Clinic Manager- Andrea Garcia
  • Chemical Dependency- Jodie Owlsey
  • Education Director- Donia Edwards
  • Social Services Director- Heidi Davis
  • ICW Director

Tribal Fish Commission

(Reso #80-319)

  • Tricia Cline, Chairwoman
  • Rick Johnson, Vice Chairman
  • Ross Clien Jr., Secretary/Tresurer
  • Ed Doherty, Position A
  • Dan Olson, Position B
  • Tom Cline, Alternate A
  • George Olson, Alternate B

Website Development Advisory Committee

(Reso #19-40)

  • Scott Taylor, IT Director
  • All directors
  • Kimberly Cauvel, Newsletter Editor & Communications Specialist

Tribal Council hereby sanctions the Advisory Committee which consists of: Each department director, or their designees