Enrollment Department

It is the mission of the Enrollment Department to protect, honor, and adhere to the enrollment provisions as set forth by the Nooksack Indian Tribe’s Constitution and Bylaws and Title 63, the Enrollment Ordinance. We are here to serve the Tribe by maintaining current and accurate records of our Tribal membership.

Enrollment Staff

  • Roy Bailey

    Director of Enrollment

    Phone:  360-592-5176 ext. 3431

  • Mary Delgado

    Enrollment Officer

    Phone:  360-592-5176 ext. 3409

  • Leon Cline

    Enrollment File Clerk

    Phone: 360-592-5176 ext. 3432

What the Enrollment Department Provides:

Address Update

The enrollment department provides address labels to all the tribal programs that provide services to the membership. It is important to keep your address current so you will receive mail outs from the various tribal programs. Most mail outs are notices of upcoming events, invitations to forums, deadlines for upcoming events, etc. Address Update Form.

Release of Information for Tribal Services

This form is needed when you want us to send yours or your dependents (if you are the legal guardian of minor children, proof of guardianship is required) information to another tribe for services, or other specific places when you need to prove you are tribal so you can utilize their services.   You can also request a copy of your birth record (if we have it on file) or a copy of your Social Security Card (if we have it on file). Request for Information Form.

Tribal ID Cards

We are currently providing ID cards. Come in and fill out a form and you can receive one the same day.  If you have gotten an ID previously and there are no physical changes, we may be able to send you a form and we can mail you your ID. Tribal ID Request Form.

New Membership

We cannot email or fax membership applications.  If you want an application, you can come into the office and pick one up or call our office or email our office or write to our office and we can mail you an application.  We do not accept faxed applications or emailed applications.  We require the original application back. 

The Enrollment department maintains and updates tribal membership records, in accordance to Title 63 Enrollment Ordinance of the Nooksack Indian Tribe enacted by Resolution #14-112. 

Enrollment Email

Any of the above forms can be requested by calling, emailing, or writing to our department