Nooksack Family Services

The Nooksack Family Services Department is composed of two distinct but related programs: Indian Child Welfare (ICW) and Child Support. The Nooksack ICW Program works to ensure that all Nooksack children are safe and provided the care they need to thrive and grow while promoting family and cultural preservation. The Nooksack Child Support Program works to ensure that all children receive the financial support they deserve from their parents.


Services Provided

ICW provides the following services:

– Provide case management for all dependencies/foster care cases in state and tribal court
– Assist in navigating the Child Protective Services and Dependency process
– Identify and assist family placements and foster homes
– File at risk youth petitions and work with youth in need of care
– Make available supervised visitations
– Assist in custody disputes


Child Support provides the following services:

– Establish a child support order if you’ve never had one
– Enforce an order (collect money) if an order is in place
– Modify a child support order that already exists
– Establish paternity for your child
– Locate the non-custodial parent
– Assist in exploring ways to cut down arrears
– Child Support


Staff/Contact Information
Nooksack Family Services
5061 Deming Road, PO Box 157
Deming, WA  98244
Phone: (360) 306-5090
Fax: (360) 306-5099
ICW Confidential Fax Line: (360) 592-0167


Please note:  All Child Support Payments and Referrals should be mailed to:


Nooksack Child Support Registry
PO Box 645
Deming, WA  98244



Department Contacts

Marilyn McLean Family Services Director (360) 393-5068 (360) 306-5093

The ICW Staff consists of:

Denise Jefferson ICW Program Manager (360) 393-0916 (360) 306-5090
Tess Cordero Caseworker II (360) 319-8648 (360) 306-5090
Megan Cooper Caseworker II (360) 739-9893 (360) 306-5090
Katie Delgado Caseworker I/Office Assistant (360) 922-4624 (360) 306-5090

The Child Support Staff consists of:

Elaine Zapata Program Manager (360) 306-5097
Kristen Regan Case Manager (360) 306-5096
Juana Branson Case Manager (360) 306-5094
Brian Kelly Information Specialist (360) 306-5098
Diantha Doucette Payment Specialist (360) 306-5090
Roberta Humphreys Intake Specialist/TANF Liaison (360) 306-5095
Rodney Johnny Receptionist (360) 306-5090

Current Job Openings as of December 13th. ...

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Thank you again to our awesome staff who handed out the holiday support checks yesterday and today! Any checks not picked up will be mailed today to the address on file with Enrollment. ...

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This camp is open to children ages 5 to 18 who are enrolled Nooksack Tribal Members, or who are children of enrolled Nooksack Tribal Members. Contact Rikkole Edwards to register by 12/17. All attendees must pre-register to attend. ...

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Holiday support check distribution is today from 9:30am to 3:00pm. Distribution will end at 3pm sharp. If you do not have your check in hand by 3pm, you will have to get it via mail.

Please note:
- Make sure you're there well in advance of 3pm, we will have to stop at exactly 3pm to ensure any checks not picked up get into the mail today
- Photo ID is required
- Our crew will be working through lunch so any time between those hours is fine for pick up

Questions? Comment here or message the fan page and we will try to help you out!

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