Medical Business Office / Purchased & Referred Care

The Medical Business Office oversees medical billing and
the Purchased and Referred Care Program.

In the Medical Business Office, staff work behind the scenes to maximize the amount of reimbursement from health insurance companies for the services provided through the Nooksack Health Department. The office coordinates closely with each of the individual Health Department programs, billing for all applicable services provided and sending claims to all qualifying health insurances. The office processes each claim individually, including submitting, tracking, receiving, and applying the payments sent by the insurance companies. Staff provide weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports on Medical Business Office activities to the Health Department program managers, Health Department Director, and to the Tribe’s Finance Department. Reach the Medical Business Office at (360) 966-2106

Purchased and Referred Care (PRC) (formerly known as Contract Health Care Services – same great service with a new name) provides specialized health care services that are not provided at the Nooksack Medical Clinic. The need for PRC services must be determined by an on-site primary care provider and is provided dependent upon the availability of PRC funds and relative medical priority. The PRC funds are to be used only after it has been established that the individual applicant is eligible for PRC benefits and no other resources are available to the person requiring PRC services. For more information, contact Victoria Joe at (360) 966-2106. Ext. 2113

  • Kristi Palmer

    Medical Business Office Manager

    Phone: (360) 922-7022

  • Anna Tageant

    Medical Biller

    Phone: 360-922-7025

  • Victoria Joe

    PRC Technician

    Phone: 360-966-2106 ext. 2113


  • Elena Puente

    Medical Biller

    Phone: 360-966-2106 ext. 2142