Medical Clinic

Community Health / Community Health Nursing Services Programs

The Medical Clinic Community Health and Community Nurse Services programs purpose is to provide direct prevention, wellness and outreach services to the patient population providing comprehensive preventative and health support services including Diabetes screening and testing, Diabetes education and management, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, home health visits, health education, elders and veterans outreach, medical visit transportation and medicine pick up and delivery.

Medical Clinic Staff

Our health care team consists of two Registered Nurses, three Licensed Practical Nurses, and three Medical Assistants who work closely with our providers consisting of two Nurse Practitioners, a Pediatrician, and a Doctor of Osteopathy.

(360) 966-2106

  • Andrea Garcia, RN

    Clinic Manager

    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Georgiann Perez, LPN

    Assistant to Clinic Manager

    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Sara Sheaffer, DO

    Medical Director

    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Cate Webb, MD


    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Marlene Bishop, ARNP


    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Louette Senghore, LPN

    Community Health Nurse/CHR Supervisor

    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Sheri Goebel, RN

    Community Health Nurse

    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Meredith LaFrance, MS, RDN, CD

    Registered Dietician Nutritionist

    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Amy Kalsbeek, CMA


    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Elena Simpson, CMA


    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Bekki Cuneo, CMA


    Phone: (360) 966-2106

Support Staff

Our support staff provide essential behind the scenes services to provide and streamline the best services for the community, such as coordination of outside referrals, policies and procedures, medical benefits, financial assistance, grants and contracts, EHR system maintenance, medical transportation, in-home care, custodial services, community garden, and many other essential services.


  • Leandra Smith

    Benefits Coordinator

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2114

  • Peter Kelly

    Referrals Coordinator

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2104

  • Elaine Roberts

    Medical Records, Patient Registration, WIC Clerk

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2101

  • Qwinsee-lah Paez

    Front Desk Medical Receptionist

    Phone: (360) 966-2106

  • Lolita Swanaset

    Front Desk Medical Receptionist

    Phone: (360) 966-2106


  • Leinani Swanaset

    WIC Coordinator

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2105


  • Lona Johnson

    Health Director

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2111

  • Therese Davis

    CMA- Operations Manager

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2126

  • Rikkole Edwards

    Grants and Contracts

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2245

  • Alicia Johnny

    EHR Specialist

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2123

  • Nathan Town

    Clinical Applications Coordinator

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2120

  • Francine Hathaway

    Data Entry

    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x2133

Community Health Representatives

  • Christopher Cooper


    Phone: (360) 966-2106 x3311

  • Selia Rabang


    Phone: (360) 966-2106

Community Garden

  • Nathaniel Smith


    Phone: (360) 966-2106

Medical Clinic Forms

Health Events

The Clinic hosts many different health events to promote preventative health screenings, including: Mammogram parties, Men’s health events, youth classes, and diabetes prevention activities.

Upcoming Health Events