Nooksack Telemedicine Services

Nooksack Health Clinic is now offering safe and secure HIPAA compliant telemedicine services through online video conferencing

Virtual Medicine

We are excited to offer new remote services through the Nooksack Health Clinic. Prior to your meeting, you will receive a link from your healthcare provider with a phone number and a unique meeting ID. With a smartphone, tablet, or computer, click on the link and follow the instructions. By phone, call the number and enter the meeting ID.

Our Zoom healthcare plan is HIPAA compliant and insures multi-layer security and encryption. To insure privacy, do not share your unique meeting ID.

Telemedicine is fast, accessible, and easy to use. During COVID-19, our Health Clinic is committed to providing the same high-quality services, even if our in-person offices are closed or restricted due to the pandemic. We know that our members still need to access important medical care. Please review the resources below to learn about our new telemedicine option.

For first-time Zoom users: