Nooksack Fishing Commission

  • Tricia Cline, Chairwoman
  • Rick Johnson, Vice Chairman
  • Ross Clien Jr., Secretary/Tresurer
  • Ed Doherty, Position A
  • Dan Olson, Position B
  • Tom Cline, Alternate A
  • George Olson, Alternate B

According to the Nooksack Fishing Ordinance

Fish Committee: All Tribal members who are licensed to fish under this ordinance shall be members of the Tribal Fish Committee…The Fish Committee shall also be given an opportunity to review annual Fishing Regulations…and shall elect the Tribal Fish Commission in the manner provided below.

Fish Commission: There is established a Nooksack Fish Commission, to be elected from the membership of the Nooksack Fish Committee.

  • Composition: There shall be 5 members of the Fish Commission, chosen from among the members of the Fish Committee.
  • Election: Each January the Director of Fisheries Management shall mail written notice to all Tribal fishpersons that a meeting shall be held to elect members to the Tribal Fish Commission. The Fish Committee shall elect by secret ballot a Chairperson who shall serve a three-year term; a Vice-Chairperson who shall serve a two-year term; a Secretary/Treasurer who shall serve a three-year term; two at-large members, one of whom shall serve a one-year term and the other shall serve a two-year term; and two alternate members, one of whom shall serve a one year term and the other shall service a two-year term. An alternate shall only vote if there is not otherwise a quorum present. The Chairperson shall only vote to break a tie. The Vice-Chairperson shall act in the absence of the Chairperson. A report on the activities and goals of the Fish Commission shall be given to new members at the first regular meeting following the election.
  • Emergency Meetings: The Director of Fisheries Management or any member of the Fish Commission may call an emergency meeting of the Fish Commission. If the meeting in convened to review an Emergency Regulation proposed under this ordinance, the Fish Commission has the authority to rescind or modify the proposed Emergency Regulation. A meeting shall be properly convened if a good faith effort to provide actual notice to all Commission members shall have been made and if a quorum of Commission members shall attend such meeting. Any action taken shall be reviewed at the next following regular meeting of the Fish Commission and may be modified or rescinded at that time.
  • Vacancies: If any member of the Fish Commission shall fail to attend 3 consecutive legal meetings of the Commission, and shall have not adequate excuse thereof, the Chairperson of the Commission shall declare the position vacant and shall appoint one of the alternate Commission members to complete the remaining term of that office. If the Chairperson’s position is vacant, the Vice-Chairperson shall fill the remaining term of the Chairperson. By written notice, the Chairperson shall call a meeting of the Fish Committee to elect a new member to fill the vacancy left by the alternate (or to elect a new Vice-Chairperson in the event that the Vice-Chairperson fills in a vacancy in the Chairpersonship.) The procedures set out in this subsection also shall apply to filling vacancies caused by resignation or death of a Commission member.