Habitat Program

The Habitat Program plans and implements projects to restore habitat for Chinook and other salmon in the Nooksack River.  Habitat Program staff also work with local, Tribal, state, and federal partners to plan and coordinate salmon recovery actions throughout the Nooksack River watershed.  Accomplishments of the Habitat Program include:

  • Completion of 17 Chinook salmon habitat restoration projects, involving construction of 213 large log jams to restore 5.25 river miles in the North and South Forks of the Nooksack River.
  • Planting of 48 acres to restore forests adjacent to rivers and streams that provide shade, stabilize banks, protect water quality, and help form complex habitat.
  • Lead authorship of the 2005 WRIA 1 (Nooksack Basin) Salmonid Recovery Plan and its 2023 Update.
  • Development of numerous monitoring studies and other technical reports in support of salmon recovery.
To learn about some of the work being done to restore salmon habitat, watch Restoring the Nooksack River, with Tribal Council Member Lona Johnson.