2020 Graduation Recognition for High School and College Graduates


The s’iì:wesaì:ylhem tset Program is preparing for this year’s virtual Graduation Recognition. We have two candidates for graduation so far. 

All high school, GED, college or university Nooksack Tribal members who will graduate by June 2020, please send your name and contact (preferably an email address) Jessica Williams.

Deadline to be included in the 2020 Graduation Recognition is July 1, 4:30 pm. Deadline to provide graduation verification will be July 8th at 4:30 p.m. If the potential 2020 graduate wants a graduation banner, send a high-resolution picture to Donia Edwards as soon as possible.

Please share with your clients, friends, family of any enrolled Nooksack Tribal graduate.

Contact Jessica.Williams@nooksack-nsn.gov or (360) 966-9696. Additional questions or concerns, contact Donia Edwards at dedwards@nooksack-nsn.gov or (360) 319-9357.