Sign Up for the Virtual Nooksack Youth Program


With the closure of the Youth Program due to COVID-19 the Education Department, in coordination with SAMHSA, Behavioral Health, and Health Clinic, will be offering a new Virtual Youth Program for all ages. We have set up a Facebook Page with announcements; resource information; recreational, healthy, and preventative activities; and other fun things to do. Our program offers great incentives and rewards in celebration! 

Our first incentive is homeschooling supplies to equip your child’s study area outside of school. Examples could include: pens, paper, folders, binders, a caddy, ruler, white board, etc. If you have a specific item you would like included to help your child’s study area, please let us know. 

How to Apply:  

  1. You must complete a Virtual Youth Program Application. If you do not have a printer, you can email your responses to Ravenia at or Dean Ollinger at, send a FB message, or call Ravenia 360-305-8211 or Dean at 360-325-2406, and either will complete the application for you over the phone. There is no deadline for the application, however, to receive the incentives you must complete the application.
  2. Join us on our new Facebook page by searching for Nooksack Youth Program. Click the like button to join our page and receive notifications of all the services we have to offer.

To be eligible for the homeschooling supplies, applications are due May 6th. Distribution of supplies will take place Friday May 8th. Pick-up for all incentives will be announced with specific locations, dates, and times, most likely to take place at our Nooksack housing sites.