Virtual Groups for Nooksack Youth

Behavioral Health

Participate in Nooksack’s weekly Virtual Groups three times a week with the After School Program. To register, call Behavior Health at 360-966-2376.

Nooksack Tribal community members: Please register your child with the After School Program. Your child can participate in Virtual Groups hosted by the Nooksack Behavioral Health in collaboration with the After School Program on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 4 pm.  

Contact Behavioral Health front desk to register your child with a phone number or email for attending Virtual Groups. Once we know you are registered, you will get reminder call or text massage from us before the group time.

Please also call us for resolving any barriers, or problems you may face in getting online for Virtual Group participation for your children. We will do our best to help you.

Behavior Health at 360-966-2376.

Virtual Groups Schedule for 2020/2021