Nooksack Indian Tribe Satisfies Loan on Nooksack River Casino Property

Tribal Council


After nearly six years of negotiation, the Nooksack Indian Tribe has satisfied the loan secured by the Nooksack River Casino property in Deming, Washington. This frees the property to be developed for governmental programs or for economic development.  

After years of dispute with the lenders, which prompted the 2015 closure of the River Casino, the Tribe has satisfied the loan and is now in a position to move forward with future plans for the property. The Nooksack Tribal Council has been considering plans for a new justice center that would house programs that focus on law enforcement, the Nooksack Tribal Court, and other justice-related services. Another option it may consider is some type of economic development to take advantage of the property’s prime retail location.     

Chairman Cline remarked: “The Nooksack Tribal Council is pleased to inform the community that the former Nooksack River Casino Property is now free for future development. In the near future, we will consider plans to develop the property in the way that maximizes its unique value and best serves the needs of the Tribe.”