Barron-Nooksack Housing partnership improving heating, energy efficiency in tribal homes


Nooksack Tribal Housing has partnered with the local company Barron Heating, Electrical, and Plumbing, to replace outdated and poorly performing hot water heaters in tribal homes. The project is improving both the availability of heat and hot water for residents while improving the electrical efficiency of the equipment. Barron provided the following statement about the effort:
“Barron is delighted to be partnering with the Nooksack Tribal Housing Authority (NTHA) to revitalize the heating and hot water for the occupants at the Whispering Cedars complex in Everson. We have already replaced four out of 12 of the combination water heater tanks that already existed and will now be replacing all remaining units with a tankless combination boiler.

The tanks that are currently installed are past their optimal running age, are inefficient, and underperforming, leaving the occupants with little to no heat or hot water. We are grateful that the NTHA shares our vision of bringing reliable equipment to the home so residents can experience the comfort and security that heat can provide during the colder seasons. These boilers are capable of providing heat and hot water to the home simultaneously without sacrificing efficiency and will have our continued support long after the installation is complete.

In addition to the installation, we will also be training some of the NTHA Property Technicians on proper removal of the existing equipment and how to solder metals together—these two objectives combined can give these technicians the ability to isolate any potential leaks in an existing system and repair it themselves, which will, in turn, provide the NTHA savings on labor and material for any future projects or service appointments.

Barron and the Nooksack Tribe have a long history from a customer and service-provider standpoint. This project, we hope, is just one of many future partnership opportunities we may have to strengthen our relationship that much more. We are grateful to have been given this opportunity to once again fulfill our mission of Improving Lives.”

Nooksack Housing staff Jeremy Roberts and Jesse Madera are working with Barron Manager Jordan Forbes and Hydronics Manager Miguel Alvarez on the water heater replacement project.