COVID-19 Daily Public Health Memo


COVID-19 Daily Public Health Memo

January 26, 2022

To the Nooksack Tribal Community:

Our dedicated Medical team works closely with our Public Health Officer, Dr. Frank James, to ensure we are taking the proper steps to safeguard our community members.  We recommend self-quarantine as being the best option to limit everyone’s exposure to this illness, however, we are prepared to offer testing to our members who may have been exposed and are experiencing symptoms.

Total tests collected by the Nooksack Health Clinic:  6,330

Total Positives:      173 Unvaccinated / 214 Vaccinated

Active:  31   Recovered: 354   Unrecovered: 4 (includes those also tested outside of the Clinic)


0-9y: 79                    40-49y: 60

10-19y: 67               50-59y: 34

20-29y: 58               60-69y: 10

30-39y: 72               70-79y: 7

Total Presumptive:  0 (Rapid test, included in pending results)  

Total Negatives:    5,904

Total Indeterminate:   7

Total Pending results:  32

If you have any questions, or think you may have been exposed, please contact our Health Clinic providers at 360-966-2106 before coming to the clinic.

Read more on our COVID-19 page here.