Tribe’s cannabis retailer celebrates its first year


Between the Ferns Cannabis Company, owned and operated by the Nooksack Indian Tribe in Deming, Washington, is celebrating one year in business. It is the first tribally owned cannabis shop to open in Whatcom County. Located just off Mount Baker Highway, behind the Nooksack Market Center, Between the Ferns opened one year ago on June 21, 2021.

Between the Ferns was a long-time dream of many tribal members who are passionate about bringing the health and wellness benefits cannabis and CBD can offer to the community. The company’s Board of Directors was formed in late 2020 and is composed of Nooksack Tribal members and Tribal Leadership. The Nooksack Indian Tribe is proud of the leadership team that opened the dispensary in such a short amount of time.

This business entity helps to provide a tax base to the tribe, as well as an additional revenue stream to help support tribal programs. The dispensary also employs eight people, many of whom are Nooksack Tribal members. “We are extremely proud of the hard work that went into opening the doors in 2021. Since then, the store has grown in popularity as we continue to approach marketing and sales efforts in innovative and creative ways. We look forward to the continued success and economic opportunities Between the Ferns offers to the Nooksack Tribal community,” said Bob Solomon, Retail Operations General Manager.

An anniversary celebration will take place on Saturday, June 25, from 2pm until 6pm, with vendors in attendance. Must be 21+ to enter the store. Learn more on their social media outlets and on their website: