Nooksack Monthly Words

Come experience our language & culture with us in our monthly word series. See all of our past words here and check back for more monthly.

September's Word:

Q’a7yíyech (Elk) / Hó:n (Fire)

Meaning: Q’a7yíyech (Elk) Hó:n (Fire) Smánit (Mountain)

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August's Word:

Weníl (Sit down) / Oxw (Go)

Meaning: Weníl (Sit down, get up to rise, to be seated, sit up) Oxw (Go) Am7í (Come)

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July's Word:

Yi7ímash: Hike / Leq’áliqen: Travel

Meaning: Yi7ímash (Hike, travel on foot) Leq’áliqen (Travel, go on a long journey) Temkw’ális (Summer, warm weather)

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June's Word:

A7á: Yes / O7wá, Ow7á: No

Meaning: A7á: Yes    O7wá, Ow7á: No     Há7lh: Good

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May's Word:

tl’a7áshen: welcome!

Meaning: Welcome. Invite, an invitation. Such as in a potlatch. Welcoming people. You are welcome here.

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April's Word:

Yómech: spring salmon

Spring salmon, Chinook salmon, King salmon

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April's Word:

Laq’álh: right, correct

Right, correct, alright, okay, absolutely correct. Also means ‘enough’.

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