Child Support

The Nooksack Child Support Program works to ensure that all children receive the financial support they deserve from their parents.

Having a strong tribal child support program is a way for the Nooksack Tribe to exercise its sovereignty. Rather than Tribal members being sent to the Washington State Division of Child Support, they are served by the Tribe: in Tribal Court by Tribal Staff.

Services Provided

The Nooksack Child Support Program provides the following services:

  • Establish a child support order
  • Modify a child support order
  • Enforce a child support order
  • Locate a person or the assets of person subject to a child support order
  • Establish Paternity
  • Work with other states or tribes to collect support
  • Bottom line, Nooksack Child Support can help with state or Tribal cases

The Nooksack Child Support Program cannot

  • Give you legal advice
  • Assist with custody disputes
  • Represent you in a divorce

Child Support Staff