Cultural Department

Working for Treaty protection & cultural preservation

The Cultural Resources Department works to fulfill the Tribe’s mission of cultural preservation and, in coordination with the Natural Resources Department, protecting and sustainably managing Treaty natural resources within the Tribe’s 780,000-acre Usual and Accustomed (U&A) Grounds and Stations area.

The Tribe’s U&A area spans from the international border to the north to Samish Bay to the south, and from the crest of the North Cascades to the east to the San Juan Islands to the west. The U&A area includes the Nooksack River watershed, Samish River watershed, coastal tributaries, and nearby marine waters to and including the San Juan Islands. Within the U&A area are important shellfish gathering areas including Drayton Harbor, Birch Bay, Semiahmoo Spit, and Bellingham Bay.

Cultural Resources Department

  • George Swanaset Jr.

    Cultural Resources Director

    Phone: 360-592-5176 x3232

  • Jeremiah Johnny

    Treaty Protection Advocate (TPA)

    Phone: 360-592-5176 x3138

  • Trevor Delgado

    Tribal Historic Preservation Officer (THPO)

    Phone: 360-592-5176 x3234

  • Sandra Joseph

    Cultural Resources Program Manager

    Phone: 360-592-5176 x3233

  • Alita Charles

    Cultural Resource Administrator

    Phone: 360-592-5176

  • Anna Brewer

    Events Coordinator

    Phone: 360-592-5176 x 3103