Education Department

The Nooksack Education Department provides quality educational opportunities from early childhood through life, in accordance with the Tribe’s need for cultural and economic well-being in keeping with the wide diversity of the Tribe as distinct cultural and governmental entities. The Nooksack Education Department considers the whole person, taking into account the spiritual, mental, physical and cultural aspects of the person within family and tribal context.


The Education Department manages several education grants that Tribal members can apply for regarding adult basic education; higher education; adult vocational technical education; career training and technical education; and school expenses and extracurricular expenses.

Applications can be made available and assisted with step-by-step by contacting:

  • Jessica Kelly

    Employment Career Coordinator


    Phone: (360) 966 2043 x4106

Student Support

For our struggling students, the parent or teacher may initiate the referral process by contacting Nooksack Education staff. We will make sure the school district Release of Educational Records form is signed by parents and we will set up a conference (through email or in person) with the teacher to make sure specific goals are set for students and communication lines are open.

Things we offer:

  • After school homework assistance
  • Two fully equipped classrooms including tribal library and computer lab
  • Summer reading/math programs
  • Cultural workshops
  • Nooksack language classes
  • Liaison for a parent having difficulty communicating with the school
  • Staff can accompany parent to conferences or IEP meetings/provide transportation
  • Communication with teachers about student performance and homework completion
  • One on one tutoring (with a referral) Keith Lindsey 6-12, Charise Wenzl K-5
  • Small group tutoring (with a referral)
  • WWU Woodring College of Education volunteers every quarter

For more information about the Education Department, call (360) 966-2043

Tribal Education Liaison

Ravenia D. Williams serves the Nooksack Tribe as the Tribal Education Liaison. She is available to assist Nooksack families in communicating with the local school districts.

She can advocate in school meetings regarding attendance, academics, social well-being, bullying matters, cultural sensitivities, IEPs, 504s, BECCA court, and school conferences. Ravenia may also assist in helping you understand your child’s class structure / class schedule if you are having difficulties understanding the log-in process and homework submission dates. 

If you need any assistance regarding your child’s schooling or student record, please feel free to call Ravenia at (360) 305-8211 or email Please remember that school ATTENDANCE and PARTICIPATION are very important to ensure your child’s educational success.

Education Department Staff

  • Donia Edwards



    Phone: (360) 966 2043 x4103

  • Jessica Williams

    Employment Career Coordinator / Directors Assistant


    Phone: (360) 966 2043 x4106

  • Keith Lindsey

    Teen Enrichment & Prevention Program Manager


    Phone: (360) 966 2043 x4111

  • Loren Roberts

    Language Instructor


    Phone: (360) 966 2043 x4110

  • Charise Wenzl

    Education & Academic Enrichment Manager, Tribal Library Manager


    Phone: (360) 966 2043 x4109

  • Ravenia Williams

    Tribal Education Liaison, Cultural Coordinator/Tutor


    Phone: (360) 966 2043 x4112