Alcohol and Chemical Dependency

Nooksack Genesis II Chemical Dependency Program

Genesis II is a State Certified CD Agency that provides Confidential Comprehensive services for substance abuse and chemical dependency Outpatient Treatment  All our counselors are certified Alcohol/Substance Professionals. They will help guide clients in the healing process and help develop new coping skills to prepare for life’s stressors without having to resort back to active addiction and self-destructive behaviors.

  • Annette Solomon

    CD Professional Supervisor

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext. 2254

  • Joni Hamilton

    CD Professional

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext. 2247

  • Coralise Almojera

    CD Intake Specialist

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext.1742

Administration Staff

  • Rick D. George

    Program Manager

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext 2242

  • Molissa Leyva

    Administration Specialist/QA

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext 2244

  • Amanda Smith

    CD Receptionist/Office Support

    Phone: (360) 966-7704

Nooksack Way of Life Prevention Program

Prevention is Culture – Culture is Prevention

The SAMHSA Programs (Nooksack Way of LIfe) offers rich cultural activities that increases awareness about drug and alcohol abuse.  Through participation and strong cultural identity, youth and young adults will learn a balance that creates discipline to live in a healthier way.   Some prevention activities include: drum making, weaving, beading, pow-wow, War and Journey canoeing, traditional food gathering, and field trips.

Nooksack Way of LIfe Prevention Program Staff:

  • Sid Auguston

    Program Supervisor

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext. 2125

  • Dante Aure

    Prevention Specialist

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext. 2251

  • Margaret Tumangday

    Fitness Instructor

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext. 2258

  • Dakota Davis

    Support Worker

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext. 2255

  • Stella Gladstone

    Prevention Assistant

    Phone: (360) 966-7704 – Ext. 2248