Nooksack Indian Housing Authority

The Nooksack Indian Housing Authority (NIHA) currently serves a significant portion of the Nooksack Tribal community in providing housing services. NIHA provides housing opportunities for 179 Nooksack families to help people overcome different barriers. Of the 179 Nooksack families housed, 59 of such families have conveyed an interest in homeownership; 100 families are active participants of eventual homeownership programs and 22 are participants of the Low Rent Program. NIHA also administers a waiting list of Tribal members in need of affordable housing, and is creating future plans and developments that would keep this list to a minimum. Additionally, NIHA helps Tribal members connect with other state and federal housing services, including the Section 184 Home Loan Program, Down Payment Assistance, as well as other administrative assistance.

Here is our Housing Application that you can print out, complete and return to NIHA or mail to Nooksack Indian Housing Authority, PO Box 157, Deming, WA 98244. These forms are also available at our NIHA office. For more information about the NIHA, call (360) 592-5163.

Home Owners/Renters Insurance

The Nooksack Indian Housing Authority (NIHA) contacted the Amerind Insurance Company to acquire insurance packages for all the Tribal Home Owners / Conveyed Homes. NIHA is addressing an insurance concern in our community by connecting the families with a tribally owned insurance company. The Nooksack Tribal members will have to reach out to Amerind Insurance to acquire their own insurance plans. If there are any concerns or questions, please reach out and contact a NIHA representative. See below in the quick links for more information.

Housing Authority Staff

  • Darryl Gray

    NIHA Executive Director


    Phone: 360-592-5163 ext. 3312


  • Malori Klushkan

    Housing Administrative Manager

  • Andrew Garcia

    NIHA Building & Housing Inspector


    Phone: 360-592-5163

    Cell: 360-319-7738

  • Lisa Cooper

    Housing Case Manager

  • Sheila Cooper

    Housing Case Manager/ Office Coordinator

  • Ethan Leyva

    Assistant Housing Maintenance Tech/Custodian

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Housing Inspector

  • Jesse Madera

    Housing Maintenance Specialist

  • Leonard Redfox

    Housing Maintenance Specialist

  • Devon Roberts

    Housing Maintenance Worker