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Protecting, recovering, and sustainably managing Treaty natural resources


The Natural Resources Department works in coordination with the Cultural Resources Department to fulfill the Tribe’s mission of protecting, restoring, and sustainably managing Treaty natural resources within the Tribe’s 780,000-acre Usual and Accustomed (U&A) Grounds and Stations area.

The Tribe’s U&A area spans from the international border to the north to Samish Bay to the south, and from the crest of the North Cascades to the east to the San Juan Islands to the west. The U&A area includes the Nooksack River watershed, Samish River watershed, coastal tributaries, and nearby marine waters to and including the San Juan Islands. Within the U&A area are important shellfish gathering areas including Drayton Harbor, Birch Bay, Semiahmoo Spit, and Bellingham Bay.

Natural Resources staff contribute to this mission under four categories: (1) fisheries harvest and hatchery management; (2) habitat restoration, watershed management, and ecosystem recovery planning; (3) monitoring and assessment; and (4) resource protection. This work is conducted through four Natural Resources Department programs:

  1. Fisheries Program
  2. Resource Protection Program
  3. Water Resources Program
  4. Habitat Program


Natural Resources Staff

  • Ned Currence

    Interim Natural Resources Director / Fisheries and Resource Protection Program

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3137

  • Treva Coe

    Assistant Natural Resources Director / Habitat Program

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3144

  • Tricia Cline

    Administrative Assistant, Natural Resources

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3132

Fisheries Program

  • Mike Maudlin

    Forest and Fish Specialist/Restoration Geomorphologist

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3136

  • Jim Bura

    Fisheries Data Specialist

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3134

  • Darren Malloway

    Fisheries Technician I

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3133

  • Richard Edwards

    Fisheries Technician II

    Phone: (360) 592-5176

  • Joe Rodriguez

    Fisheries Biologist

    Phone: (360) 592-5176

Water resources program

  • Jezra Beaulieu

    Water Resources Program Manager

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3139

  • Margaret Taylor

    Water Resources Specialist

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3142

  • Rich Auguston

    Water Quality Technician II

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3140

  • Tom Cline

    Water Quality Technician III

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3143

Habitat Program

  • Lindsie Fratus-Thomas

    Watershed Restoration Coordinator

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3135

  • Eric Stover

    Watershed Restoration Coordinator

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3141

  • Sindick Bura

    Restoration Crew Lead

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x3145

  • Aaron Cline

    Restoration Technician

    Phone: (360) 592-5176 x1748