Social Services Department

The Social Services Department consists of various programs that create stronger well being for all of our Tribal members. Below you’ll find more information about the programs within the Social Services Department.

Department Director

  • Heidi Davis

    Director of Social Services


Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)

TANF will make available the tools necessary to promote the empowering of Indian families to become self-sufficient so they can support and nurture themselves, their children, and community. TANF is a Federal and State funded program that provides cash assistance and supportive services to Native American families who are in need.

You can receive:

  • Cash Assistance/Supportive Services
  • Education Development
  • Career Development
  • Child Care Assistance
  • Transportation Assistance
  • K-12 Clothing Allowance

In order to be eligible for the Tribal TANF Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • One member of the household must be able to provide proof of membership with Federally recognized tribe through enrollment.
  • Be the guardian/caretaker or a needy Native American minor, or be in your third trimester of pregnancy.
  • Reside within the designated service area in Whatcom/Skagit County.
  • Must meet income guidelines of equal to or less than 150 percent

Required Documents

  • Valid Washington State Identification
  • Birth Certificates for all children
  • Social Security Cards
  • Proof of Tribal Enrollment
  • Proof of Income
  • Social Security Income Statements
  • Veterans Benefit Income Statements
  • Per Capita Payments
  • Wages/Salary Check Stubs
  • Current Child Immunization Records
  • K-12 Enrollment and Attendance Verification for all school age children
  • Current Bank Statements
  • Residency Verification

Social Services Staff

TANF Staff, Deming site:

Phone: (360) 592-0135

  • Sherie Johnny

    Assistant Director of Social Services


  • Sarah Cline

    TANF Receptionist/NEW Program Coordinator


  • Stewart D. Roberts

    Employment & Training Caseworker


  • Rosalena Joseph

    TANF Caseworker/General Assistance Coordinator


TANF Staff, Skagit site:

Phone: (360) 848-1758 Fax: (360) 848-1768

  • Sativa Robertson

    Lead TANF Case Manager


  • Jennifer Boome

    Skagit TANF Receptionist


GED Classes – Deming and Skagit

GED Office Nooksack: (360) 592-0135 ext 3425

GED Office Skagit: (360) 848-1758

  • Sandra Bura

    ABE/GED Instructor


Emergency Food Assistance

For Food Bank, Food Vouchers and Commodity Foods Phone: (360) 592-0135

  • Crystal Bailey

    Energy & Food Programs Coordinator


  • Stewart D. Roberts


Elders Program

Phone: (360) 592-0100 

  • Setoga Tigilau

    Elders Driver


  • Tara Rodriguez

    Elders Nutrition and Program Coordinator


Homelessness Program

  • Tiffani Zamudio

    Homelessness Resource Manager