Affordable Housing Project Announcement

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The Nooksack Project will provide much-needed additional affordable housing units for the Nooksack Reservation. This new construction project will consist of 3 two-bedroom units and 1 four-bedroom unit. The three two-bedroom units will be contained in a triplex on its own lot located on First Street in Deming on the Nooksack Reservation. The four-bedroom unit will also be located on its own lot on First street on the Nooksack Reservation.

The project will be on Tribal Trust land and there is a resolution from the Tribe to allocate the land for affordable housing to allow the Tribe to prevent, prepare for, and to respond to COVID-19 virus and similar threats by eliminating the spread of disease. Four new housing units with a total of 10 bedrooms will allow the Housing Department to prevent, prepare and respond to COVID-19 and other similar health emergencies by substantially reducing current overcrowded living conditions which exacerbate the spread of disease and create overall unhealthy living conditions.

The four-bedroom home will be one-story and will contain two full bathrooms. The two-bedroom tri-plex units will each have two full bathrooms. Amenities include yard space for families with children to enjoy. In addition, each unit will have a self-clean oven, frost free refrigerator, washer/dryer hook-ups, and vinyl flooring which will facilitate cleaning/sanitizing. Nooksack is the Tribal Housing Department for the Nooksack Indian Tribe.

Attached are schematics, and site plans with intended stormwater plans. Please provide availability of Structural drawings for this project.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!