2022 Tribal Council Election


Certified General Election Results 2022

Unofficial General Election Results 2022



TRIBAL ELECTION BOARD OFFICE NOTICE: Although Nooksack governmental offices are limited to essential personnel only, please be advised that the Election Board office will remain open during posted business hours, 9 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Safety precautions are being observed. Masks are required for entry.

Voting Location and Hours

Primary Election: February 19, 2022

General Election: March 19, 2022


Mi sq’ eq’ ó Community Building, 2515 Sulwhanon Road, Everson, Washington

Polling Hours – Primary Election

Polls are open from 9 am – 5 pm. February 17, 18 & 19, 2022

Polling Hours – General Election

Polls are open from 9 am – 5 pm. March 17, 18 & 19, 2022

Offices on the Ballot

  • Tribal Chairman
  • Tribal Secretary
  • Council Positions A and B


Due to the impact of office closures caused by the recent inclement weather and COVID-19, the following changes have been made regarding candidate filing methods and the office hours of the Election Board.

Candidate Filing

To secure a place on the election ballot, prospective candidates must obtain a Candidate Filing Packet containing a Qualified Candidate Form and Candidate Petition Forms from the Election Board office. Candidate Filing Packets will be available at the Election Board Office during regular business hours and must be submitted in person no later than the close of business, (7 pm) on January 7, 2022.

Prospective candidates may also request a packet be sent via overnight courier by submitting that request to the Election Board by email at: trainey@electionpeople.com.

Absentee Voting:

Any eligible voter may vote by Absentee ballot in the Primary and/or the General Elections. Absentee ballots must be requested by the voter from the Election Board. Requests may be made in person at the Election Board office during regular business hours, by telephone at (505) 980-1076, by email at trainey@electionpeople.com or by mail at Nooksack Election Supervisor, Post Office Box 6306, Albuquerque, New Mexico. 87197, beginning December 27, 2021 and ending January 7, 2022. Regardless of the method used to request an Absentee ballot, the requester, must be able to confirm their membership number, date of birth, and official address as confirmed by the Nooksack Tribal Enrollment Department.

2022 Candidate Statements & Resumes

Unofficial Candidate List 2022

Official List of Candidates 2022


Roswell (Ross) James Cline Resume/Statement

Hermeniheldo (Herman) George Almojera Resume / Statement

RoseMary Ann Louise LaClair Resume / Statement

Julie May Jefferson Resume / Statement


Frank Leonard Leyva Resume / Statement

Lawrence Lee Bailey Statement

Council Seat A:

Robert (Bob) Ruben Solomon Resume / Statement

Jesse Felix Madera, Jr. Resume/Statement

Jesse Alphonso Paez Resume / Statement

Roman Gabriel Swanaset-Simmonds No materials submitted.

Council Seat B:

Agripina (Lona) Laelana Romero Johnson Resume/Statement

Victoria (Vicki) Ann Joe Resume / Statement

Carmen (Tóitse) Selina Tageant Resume / Statement

Leon Thomas Cline Resume/Statement

Election Board Office

4979 Mt. Baker Highway, Suite G, Deming, WA 98244

Election Board Office Hours:

Through the course of the Election cycle, Election Board office hours are:

  • December 27, 2021, through January 7, 2022: Monday through Friday 10 am – 7 pm
  • January 10, 2022, through the conclusion of the Election cycle: Monday through Friday 9 am – 5 pm


Terry Rainey at (505) 980-1076.

Election Ordinance

Nooksack Tribal Election Ordinance

  • Terry Rainey

    Election Superintendent

    Phone: (505) 980-1076
    Email: trainey@electionpeople.com